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House of Circus


A queer night by House of Circus and other accomplices

In this Carnivale we embrace Differences

A wild bouquet of styles, artforms, artists and backgrounds

We unite to spread love and positive energy 

Enter the world of this queer cabaret , where love is our fuel and acceptance our electricity.

Carnivale sparkles so bright it puts our heels on fire

A queer cabaret for all to enjoy 

We work with various artists to create performances that will fit more easily with your technical requirements. Like a liquid cabaret, we can adapt the show to fit your preferences. Would you like the show to be longer, we can add more content to the original structure of the show.

It’s a show that promotes and gives the stage to queer artists, to create a safe and supportive space in which we can grow and show ourselves to the world.

We, also, like to support and collaborate with the local queer community, artists and performers. 


A sensual night full of surprises

We strive for diversity, love and unity.
Therefore, don’t get too comfortable, Carnivale Royale promises to be full in energy and surprises!

Party like there is no tomorrow

We work in collaboration with Djs and can extend the show into a party.

Let your audience have a drink and get transported through the night like there is no tomorrow.

Let’s get this party started !