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House of Circus




House of Circus is looking for artists for a new collaborative project with festival Circolo. 

Creatives, queers, innovation, energy, diversity 

This year we will fuse nightlife and party with performance
Location, (indoor) will be revealed later
Date and times: Saturday 21st Oct – 22:00 to 03:00 

What we look for: 

Circus acts, Drag acts, Queer acts, or propose something you think would elevate this event.

-Acts 5-10 min( having more than one is a + )
-Short performances 10 – 20 min
-To create the right energy and dynamics for the night we ask you to be flexible for slight alterations to your act if necessary to fit the overall show. 
-Artists preferably located in/around the Netherlands.

-Mind that this is a late night  / party atmosphere and that the act should enhance the atmosphere. We will also consider art performances and different concepts if it fits with the project. 
-Simple rigging is possible (max height 5m) 

We want to create a safe space for queer folks, on stage and on the dance floor; bring the right vibe.

APPLICATION:  Send before 1st of August 2023

-Short intro of yourself
-Your act: description and video 
-CV and/or link to your socials/website (background) 

Send to: 

Looking forward to receiving your applications! We answer all serious applications, before the end of August



House of Circus is a Circus Company and Drag house. 
Creating, producing and performing shows, acts and site-specific performances. It was founded by Germain Charlat and Nick van der Heyden.

Versatile, adaptable and creative, they use their humour and wit to highlight their technical circus skills, using also theatre and dance, as a full spectrum to experiment with. By creating and decorating characters, their goal is to make Drag accessible to everyone, regardless gender or age.







You can send us compliments and love

and we will post it here

You can send us compliments and love

and we will post it here

Entertainment, glitter, circus skills and surprises. I really enjoyed watching the "House of Circus"!

Daniela Maier

Circus artist

We traveled through the whole spectrum of emotions. Surprising, hilarious and touching! You guys are so fierce!

Clemence Liffran

Very avant garde, never seen such an interesting concept.

Thanks for this great discovery

Nicolas Huj

Project Manager

Sitting somewhere between magic and cheese, Nick and Germain's work transports you a smokey night club where anything can happen. In-your-face kind of characters mixed with virtuosity and a healthy portion of comedy make you wonder if it's so wrong, why does it feel so right? House of circus strives to engage with their audience, creating an atmosphere where one can let go, if they're in town you don't want to miss it!

Angela Herenda

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