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House of Circus

House of Circus goes delusional is the blast, the thrill, the party.. (16+)

This extravagant show makes you feel like you are  in an underground nightclub. Feel welcome, take a glass and have a seat while you get to know the characters of the night.


The artists will laugh at danger with swords, sing sensual songs, or make you laugh all the tension away

This show catalyses cultural nightlife into a  sparkling night out, and could be extended into a party.

Show: 40 minutes

Audience 16+

This show adapts regarding the location ( for bookings we will discuss all the possibilities)

Dress code: Less is not More 

“House of Circus goes delusional” directed by House of Circus with the artistic support from Angela Herenda
An initiative by @tentcircus

Supported by @theaterbellevue @tentcircus